The Architon LLP

Environmental & Sustainability Policy Statement


Environmental protection and management is a priority for Architon LLP, and an issue addressed wherever possible. The Practice makes every attempt to conduct its operations in harmony with the environment.


The Practice,

  • operations and processes comply with environmental standards and legislation.
  • educates, trains and motivates its employees to carry out their tasks in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • encourages energy efficient management of its offices and ensures optimum use of recycled and recyclable materials.
  • encourages its staff to consider the need to travel for business and if necessary to do so in a more environmentally considerate manner
  • actively promotes good environmental design of facilities within the architectural profession.
  • aims for prevention of pollution.
  • does not permit the specification of tropical hardwoods, unless can be demonstrated to originate from sustainable sources.
  • seeks to advise its clients where opportunities for energy conservation can be built in to the design process.
  • promotes compliance for the design and construction of buildings with general good practice and philosophy on environmental matters, whilst recommending adoption of the strict government environmental policies and standards.
  • continual improvement of the Environmental Management System to achieve improved environmental performance.
  • Provision of adequate resources for effective environmental management


Architon recognises the minimum environmental standards when purchasing certain types of product, covering aspects such as energy efficiency, recycled content and biodegradability. There are several mechanisms by which we aim to achieve targets that obviously need to be seen as leading the way in promoting and implementing sustainable development of their own estate. Typically this is translated into project design and procurement using the following strategies:


  • Sustainability Charter
  • Environmental Assessment of Building Projects
  • Environmental Transport Policy


The Partners

February 2023