The development plan for Architon LLP is the plan for developing the practice in line with the vision of the partners.

Practice Statement

The vision of the partners can be summarised in the following practice statement:

            Architon has as a core value committing to the provision of a high

            quality service that satisfies client expectations.

A High Quality Service

To ensure the ongoing delivery of a high quality service, Architon is committed to providing the necessary tools for every individual to contribute to the success of the business at the level of his / her potential. These tools will include, but not be limited to:

  • Ensuring that technical staff are encouraged to develop their technical abilities and to share their knowledge.
  • Ensuring that admin staff are aware of the ‘front line’ nature of their position, and the criticality of their contribution to the quality of the image and output of the practice.
  • Ensuring that the management team give the necessary guidance in both the management of projects and of people, whilst encouraging the sharing of professional knowledge they and others may have.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction will be measured on a project-by-project basis by the partner in charge of the project, in a manner they feel appropriate.  This is recorded on the project file, as well as in a feedback file.  The aim being to achieve “Good” client reviews for each project, with the expectation this is bettered.


Architon will use Investors in People as the principle vehicle for developing our staff in line with the practice statement.


C Davis ~ Senior Partner

For and on behalf of Architon LLP

Dated:  February 2023